Sherpa100 2SPEED

SHERPA100 2Speed

Our SHERPA 100 2Speed is a true evolution of the SHERPA 100 ECO. After the SHERPA 100 ECO turned the world of construction and demolition upside down, we reviewed the existing concept and incorporated the wishes of the user into 2Speed.
As the name suggests, this machine has 2 speeds. Slowly with more power; to maneuver and work and a second gear to cover longer distances with a higher speed. Thanks to the ingenious design with 2 hydraulic pumps of which the switch can be operated while driving, it is a real pleasure to work with this machine. As with the SHERPA 100 ECO, a 6-hour labor commitment has remained the standard. The SHERPA 100 2Speed is standard equipped with 4" non-marking fullrubber tyres.


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Bucket 111cm SH1

Bucket 85cm SH1

Bucket 76cm SH1

Volume ​bucket 85cm SH1

Volume ​bucket 76cm SH1

4-1 ​bucket 111cm SH1

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