Sherpa100 ​​EHD


Safety and better working conditions play an increasingly important role in modern-day demolition work. This cultural change also changes machine use and increases the demand for new state-of-the-art miniloaders that can contribute to this. The SHERPA 100 EHD is such a state of the art machine that meets the specific needs of the market (vibration-free work, no emissions and less noise).

Radiographically controllable

This 100% electric mini-loader is radio-controlled to avoid unsafe situations for employees. At less dangerous places, you can click on the radio control control panel in the holder and manually control it as a normal skid steer. The SHERPA 100 EHD is fully computer controlled so that the speed / power ratio is optimally applied and as little energy is lost as possible. All this goes through a microprocessor that uses the plc principle (programmable logic controller). In this way, you get more efficiency from each battery charge.

Internal demolition work that had to be done beforehand can now be carried out with this environmentally-friendly compact SHERPA 100 EHD without stressing your body heavily. In addition, noise pollution is minimized and smelly exhaust gases belong to the past. This allows you to perform unrestricted renovation tasks in offices and hospitals. With the supplied extension you can carry out demolition work up to 3 meters. This extension is of course also detachable for activities that are lower at the ground.

Pushing the debris for the tires is easy using the standard front-mounted blade. In addition, the dozer blade provides extra stability with this 76cm wide machine. The reinforced "heavy duty frame" ensures extra protection of hoses and couplings. These are actually processed in the frame, minimizing the risk of damage.

The strong electric motor and the 100% rubber tires ensure optimum use of the machine for indoor work. If one battery charge is not enough, you can easily and quickly change the 360 ​​amp battery with long battery life for long-term use. It is also possible to equip this ideal slop machine with a 220 volt connection for work in a fixed location.

The versatility and, above all, the increased working efficiency of this remote-controlled electric machine is an ideal partner that can provide a helping hand to the aging aging industry. In addition, the hard work makes the past!


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