Sherpa100 Agri

SHERPA100 Agri

The SHERPA 100 Agri-Line was developed with the agricultural sector in mind. This versatile compact machine is extremely maneuverable and can be used for various tasks. Riding schools, cowsheds and chicken farmers can use this multifunctional machine for many different jobs like mucking out their stables and supplying straw or fodder.

The main benefit of this only 76 cm wide SHERPA 100 skid steer works in two ways: First, the employee is spared against heavy work that is normally done by hand which makes the work more enjoyable. Secondly, work efficiency compared to manual work significantly increased with the use of the machine.


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Bucket 111cm SH1

Bucket 85cm SH1

Bucket 76cm SH1

Volume ​bucket 85cm SH1

Volume ​bucket 76cm SH1

4-1 ​bucket 111cm SH1

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