Budowa dróg

Almost nowhere in the world you can find as many roads as we have in the Netherlands. Fortunately, the authorities are still investing in new roads or renovating the old ones. In general, there are three types of roads in the Netherlands: asphalt roads, concrete roads and roads with pavement elements.

Constructing roads of asphalt and concrete is already well mechanized. However, the mechanization of the pavement branch is still in its earliest childhood. Our company is one of the advocates with regard to the use of labour relieving working tools. As supplier and developer of advanced labour-friendly road construction tools we try to mechanize the pavement branch as quickly as possible!

Mechanical pavement

Nowadays mechanically paving roads and sidewalks is a necessity for paviours! The traditional profession is extremely labour intensive and many paviours are ‘physically worn’ at a young age. In only a few years our generation has to work until the 67th birthday.

Everyone in our industry understands that this is impossible without the proper tools and labour relieving attachments. fortunately ,the government sees this problem too! That’s why new European-wide legislation has been imposed in order to reduce heavy lifting duties. By using vacuum or mechanical tools the physical condition of your employees will increase. Some good examples are our curbstone lifters and other labour relieving tools.